foster indigo is a personal journal which has been developed as an exercise in self-reflection. 

I know who I am; I see glimpses of me in the nuances of everyday life when my mind is turned off and my heart is tuned-in. But how, in the present cultural phenomena that is so focussed on the alignment of self with other do I conjure that me-ness without having to flip a switch? foster indigo is concerned with this project. 

Equipped with an odd 11/12ths of a philosophy degree, enough spare time and a few darn interests, foster indigo will manifest the intersection of some of my favourite things (filmmaking, denim and philosophy, for instance) with reflections about finding meaning in being one's self. It is with highest hope that two—maybe even ten—years down the road I can look back on this blog and be transported to the meditations that would carve out the paths I would follow on my journey toward being me. 


Jan. 20, 2018.